Entity and Entity Relationship model



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ER or Entity Reletionship model is used to create and model the data which is simple, non technical and easily understood by people describing a diagram with relation. It helps us to analyze requirements systematically to produce a well designed database.

ER diagram

It is a visual representation of entity and attributes also it helps us to show relationships between entities . Symbols and connectors are used to indicate the relation between entities or describe information using symbols and connectors.

Entity type: It defines a collection of similar entities.

Types of entity type are as follows:

  • Strong entity: Strong entity means an entity which has primary key and it doesn’t depend on other entities for existence. It is also known a parent entity.
  • Weak entity: Weak entity means an entity which doesn’t have key attributes of their own.
  • Composite entity: Composite entity is used to make a Many to Many relationship between 2 or more entities. This entity is composed of primary keys from each of the connected entities.
  • Recursive entity: When an entity has a relation with same entity it is called recursive entity.